First Ever Wedding Cake

wedding cake 1

This is the first wedding cake i ever made! After helping organize cupcake making for a relay for life bake sale the young woman in charge ask me to make her wedding cake… I was surprised and extremely excited. Her and her husband to be were not big fans of having too much icing on cake. It turned out that the look of the cake worked great with their woodsy theme. It was a delicious mexican chocolate pound cake with cream cheese filling. For those of you who were wondering, mexican chocolate has some cinnamon and sometimes a few other spices. It really enhances the chocolate flavor beautifully. This was the beginning of my cake adventure!


2014 Graduation Cupcakes

My most recent accomplishment was making gum paste graduation caps and white chocolate stars with 2014 written on them. Cutting out those white chocolate stars was a pain! first i melted the chocolate, spread it thin on a piece of parchment, then placed another sheet of parchment on top to make it very smooth. I then allowed it to cool completely and tried my first recommended technique of heating up my cookie cutter and cutting through the chocolate that way…. fail. Luckily i had my handy exacto knife. I used the cutter to make the outline for the star then traced it with the exacto knife and popped it out gently. For the hats i rolled my gum paste out thinly and used the technique described by Glorious Treats. They turned out very cute!