Sara & John’s Blue Magnolia Cake

This was my first cake with so many different elements going on the same cake. It was also the first cake i have ever delivered by myself (and was unfortunately rushing to get it put together on scene). That is what i get for having a little sister as an assistant that is only 15…. She isn’t very dependable.


I made the magnolias out of gum paste and used the ball tool to ruffle the edges. I wasn’t going for the exact look of a magnolia for the cake, but more of an artistic rendition of one. After cutting out a petal i would ruffle the edges, then i would place a small floral wire in the base of each so that they could be attached later on once they dried. I don’t have any fancy flower petal shaping methods; i had a deviled egg carrier and i simply turned it upside down and placed the petals on  there to dry so they stay curved and beautiful…. It’s not like that deviled egg carrier is getting any other use. After they were all dried and put together i painted them. I used denim blue luster dust for the edges, i got a bottle cap and put a tiny bit of vodka (however any strong clear alcohol would work) then added in my dust. This kept the whole process neat and it made the blue really look dark and gorgeous.


This was the flower before i painted the edges. Honestly, i loved them so much more when they were white. They were simple and beautiful. Here is a close up post-blue trimmings. I did another coat of blue the next day to get it to the right shade, it was unfortunate that my “denim blue” looked more sky blue even after using the painting method. I was determined and made it work.


The bride requested a little hunter or deer to be popping out of the cake on the bottom so that her husband could be a part of the cake too; he loves to go deer hunting, the fencing reflected from the brides hobby and love of horses, It was cute that is was so personal. So i sculpted a little gum paste head and arms and put a little blaze orange cap on him  like most deer hunters wear. He turned out pretty cute, and everyone really liked the added character to the cake.


The cake overall was a great learning experience. This was my first time doing fondant and gum paste flowers. The end result turned out well. Of course being my toughest critic i do see all the little imperfections and lots of details i would have loved to have added in. But on this cake journey to hopefully starting my own business there will always be imperfections, room for improvement and learning… lots and lots of learning.  


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