Rebecca & Jeremy’s Cupcakes

Rebecca and Jeremy wanted to have cute cupcakes instead of a large wedding cake. Some of them were decorated with simple small orange and green flowers they pulled the color scheme from the place they met, Ireland. There were a total of four different flavors that way they could satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth with a flavor they would enjoy. Chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, and pumpkin were the flavors of choice. The style was simple with there being only smooth swirls on the majority of the cupcakes.

Since they weren’t having a cake they wanted something special for the “topper” and the cupcakes they would do the traditional cake feeding with. She came up with the idea to do a little tux and dress bust on the cakes to imitate the bride and groom attire. They were surprisingly easy to make and they turned out cute for an alternative topper and top tier.


There was only one stand and then the rest of the cupcakes were on clear trays. The cupcakes on the stand were all decorated with a cute little flower to add in some color and break up the simplicity of them. Cupcakes are a really cute and fun alternative to the seriousness of a tiered wedding cake, keeping them simple reduces the overall cost of the cupcakes. They are a great option for anyone who wants something different and fun.


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