Adam & Hannah’s Rustic Wedding

My best friend got married this weekend! It was exciting to see her finally make her marriage dreams come true with the man she loves. It was a very busy weekend for me as i was not only making the wedding cake, but i was also the maid of honor! Her theme was burlap and lace, very rustic with a vintage twist. It was a beautiful day for a wedding!


The flavors they selected were vanilla and lemon in alternating layers. I made a lemon pound cake that was super simple with only 8 ingredients and a mystery contender as the rising agent… lemon-lime soda. it turned out incredibly with a soft lemony flavor and then i filled it with a sweet lemon buttercream. I will be posting the recipe soon!

While it was a beautiful day for a wedding it was a scary day for a cake outside… 85 and full sun. Luckily the cake was in the shade, it held up good and was still cool when it came time to cut the cake. I set it up about 3 1/2 hours before the cutting. I put a decent layer of buttercream under the fondant (a little less than 1/4 inch) because that is the part that everyone likes so much. I chilled the cakes overnight before i covered them in fondant then after i put the fondant on allowed them to come to room temperature so that the fondant wouldn’t sweat and get soggy. The fondant dried hard and held the icing in during the heat outside. This method worked really well on all cakes except for the small one. I think i got a little crazy with how thick i put the icing on and it created bubbles underneath as the fondant dried. I had to take the fondant off and recover it….. The second time was beautifully smooth and silky looking.



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