Liam’s First Birthday Cake

On my extremely busy weekend filled with my best friends wedding, i also made a little boys first birthday cake.


His mother decided to go with something fun along with some jungle animals because he loves them.

I made the little creatures out of fondant. It was so much easier to work with than the stinky gumpaste i used to sculpt a couple weeks ago. Note to self; only sculpt in fondant from now on. It is so much more forgiving. For the giraffe i simply made a long log and cut it into equal sections, then i squeezed them together at the top. Since he was sitting there wasn’t a need for a neck and body. Then i made a ball and pressed on the sides a bit to square it up for the head.


For the lion i did tapered logs for the feet, a ball for the head and an oblong ball for the body.  For the mane i used a flower cutter i had that worked out to be the perfect size!



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