Christmas is Coming!


Christmas is coming and i am excited. I do not particularly like Christmas time because of the stress of gift-giving and money… But, what i do love is the baking,


It is wonderful. I always do cookies (of course have not gotten to them yet) but recently i started a tradition of making homemade mixes in jars and giving those as gifts, it is personalized and special to each person as i do their favorite kind of cookie in the jar. All they have to do is open it up add egg(s), butter and a little vanilla and they are set to bake. I also do home-made hot chocolate mix and this year for the first time am doing home-made instant cappuccino mix for my coffee loving friends and family. I like to decorate the jars with wintery fabric and ribbon, it is really simple but everyone loves them. Here is a picture (or three!) of the┬áminiature versions I did last year. For them i used pint sized jars instead of the usual quart size. They were so cute. I loved making them look pretty in how to layer the ingredients… I made so many different kinds too; chocolate and peanut butter chip, classic oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip and my sweet love’s favorite… M&M cookie.