Overdue Update!

I have been busy the past month or so. Had my  first ever trip to sell at the farmers market which was a huge success! With it came more work for the next one to try and get better organized and make it a less exhausting experience for myself. All i have to say is planning, planning, planning. The second trip to sell at the farmers market went much more smoothly than the first one, I am hoping that this trend will continue! Aside from baking stuff I also finished up this semester of school today, helped plan a surprise birthday party for one of my sisters, signed up for summer classes, computer trouble during final papers & exams (ugh!!) all while also working a “real” job. Maybe busy was an understatement, ha.


The market so far has been a really wonderful experience. I have made so many new contacts with the local community. I have been able to book a couple of orders and have a few others potentially, which is always thrilling! I have ventured into the gluten free baking realm, which i must say has been enlightening and enjoyable as a better variety of people get to try my baked goodies. I have not quite mastered it yet, but the products I have tested were oatmeal cream pies and buckeye brownies (compliments of my mom). Both of which turned out really yummy, you would never be able to tell they were gluten free if I didn’t say so!



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