Hannah and Adams 1 Year Anniversary Cupcakes

IMG_8479My best friend has been married a year! Since they decided to not save the top tier of their wedding cake for their one year anniversary, I told them that I would make them a choice of small cake or cupcakes in the same flavor as the wedding cake was. I usually try to get people to take this route as long as they still live close, I cannot imagine eating a year old cake….. ick. But lovely fresh cupcakes or cake is a whole other story! A 1 year anniversary cake is included with the cost of the wedding cake too, so you don’t have to worry about that aspect of it either. For Hannah and Adam I did the lemon cake  (Recipe for it, Here.) that i did for the wedding last year, but in cute little cupcakes with variegated lavender and white frosting. I bet they tasted a whole lot better than a year old, freezer burned cake, too.



Chad and Jessica’s Whimsical Forest Wedding


Sunday May 24, 2015 I made the wedding cake for my brother and his best friend, life partner, and now wife, Jessica. It was a sweet and small ceremony, very much their style. Just close family and very close friends. They wanted a non-traditional cake, cheesecake to be exact. So we compromised and I came up with a velvet cake with baked cheesecake layers as the filling. It was extremely indulgent, but just what they wanted! if there is any day you can get away with over indulging it would definitely be your wedding day.

They had a sweet love-bird topper and a stylized birch tree cake with small ivy vines climbing up the two layers. I realized a little too late that I did not have a leaf shaped cutter for the fondant leaves, so I went out and found a small mint leaf from the garden and pressed it into my fondant to create the veining. I then used a small heart shaped cutter i did have to make the leaves, I dried them pressed gently up against a jar lid so that they would dry with some shape and not be so flat. It made really cute leaves!