Stamped Fondant Tiles: How To

I made these to go on a wedding cake that I did over the weekend. They took a little time between steps, but overall I thought that they were really easy to do. I will definitely be doing them again!

To get started you need fondant of your choice color (mine was white) and roll it out thin. I cut my ’tiles’ out before stamping them, but if I do it again, I think I would stamp and then cut… I will have to try it out and give you guys an update.
IMG_9950 I used a mixture of food coloring, water and powdered sugar for the stamping. I mixed it up fairly thick so that it would evenly coat the stamp. I found with just using a water/color mixture it beaded up on the surface of the fondant which was definitely not what I wanted! Looking back at this I think I would also substitute vodka or an other strong alcohol for the liquid to speed up the drying time. Wash a clean unused stamp and dry. Then just brush on your color mixture with a clean unused paint brush. It stamped fairly evenly on most of them. The only problem I ran into was that some of my fondant had small dips in it from where it wasn’t rolled out super evenly, I liked the way that it looked slightly varrigated.IMG_9961After the color dried they were ready to put on the cake! You could put it on cookies, do rounds and put them on top of cupcakes, there are so many options to use these!


Happy Baking! -B


Hannah and Adams 1 Year Anniversary Cupcakes

IMG_8479My best friend has been married a year! Since they decided to not save the top tier of their wedding cake for their one year anniversary, I told them that I would make them a choice of small cake or cupcakes in the same flavor as the wedding cake was. I usually try to get people to take this route as long as they still live close, I cannot imagine eating a year old cake….. ick. But lovely fresh cupcakes or cake is a whole other story! A 1 year anniversary cake is included with the cost of the wedding cake too, so you don’t have to worry about that aspect of it either. For Hannah and Adam I did the lemon cake  (Recipe for it, Here.) that i did for the wedding last year, but in cute little cupcakes with variegated lavender and white frosting. I bet they tasted a whole lot better than a year old, freezer burned cake, too.


Chad and Jessica’s Whimsical Forest Wedding


Sunday May 24, 2015 I made the wedding cake for my brother and his best friend, life partner, and now wife, Jessica. It was a sweet and small ceremony, very much their style. Just close family and very close friends. They wanted a non-traditional cake, cheesecake to be exact. So we compromised and I came up with a velvet cake with baked cheesecake layers as the filling. It was extremely indulgent, but just what they wanted! if there is any day you can get away with over indulging it would definitely be your wedding day.

They had a sweet love-bird topper and a stylized birch tree cake with small ivy vines climbing up the two layers. I realized a little too late that I did not have a leaf shaped cutter for the fondant leaves, so I went out and found a small mint leaf from the garden and pressed it into my fondant to create the veining. I then used a small heart shaped cutter i did have to make the leaves, I dried them pressed gently up against a jar lid so that they would dry with some shape and not be so flat. It made really cute leaves!


Bride and Groom Cupcakes

I had the opportunity to make some Bride and Groom cupcakes for a special event this past week. The accent color was purple. They turned out really cute! They were simple chocolate and vanilla flavors and each was topped with a fondant circle, then the other pieces were added to outfit them as a bride and groom!

FullSizeRender (1)

Groom cupcakes with purple lapel


Bride cupcakes with purple necklaces

Adam & Hannah’s Rustic Wedding

My best friend got married this weekend! It was exciting to see her finally make her marriage dreams come true with the man she loves. It was a very busy weekend for me as i was not only making the wedding cake, but i was also the maid of honor! Her theme was burlap and lace, very rustic with a vintage twist. It was a beautiful day for a wedding!


The flavors they selected were vanilla and lemon in alternating layers. I made a lemon pound cake that was super simple with only 8 ingredients and a mystery contender as the rising agent… lemon-lime soda. it turned out incredibly with a soft lemony flavor and then i filled it with a sweet lemon buttercream. I will be posting the recipe soon!

While it was a beautiful day for a wedding it was a scary day for a cake outside… 85 and full sun. Luckily the cake was in the shade, it held up good and was still cool when it came time to cut the cake. I set it up about 3 1/2 hours before the cutting. I put a decent layer of buttercream under the fondant (a little less than 1/4 inch) because that is the part that everyone likes so much. I chilled the cakes overnight before i covered them in fondant then after i put the fondant on allowed them to come to room temperature so that the fondant wouldn’t sweat and get soggy. The fondant dried hard and held the icing in during the heat outside. This method worked really well on all cakes except for the small one. I think i got a little crazy with how thick i put the icing on and it created bubbles underneath as the fondant dried. I had to take the fondant off and recover it….. The second time was beautifully smooth and silky looking.


Rebecca & Jeremy’s Cupcakes

Rebecca and Jeremy wanted to have cute cupcakes instead of a large wedding cake. Some of them were decorated with simple small orange and green flowers they pulled the color scheme from the place they met, Ireland. There were a total of four different flavors that way they could satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth with a flavor they would enjoy. Chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, and pumpkin were the flavors of choice. The style was simple with there being only smooth swirls on the majority of the cupcakes.

Since they weren’t having a cake they wanted something special for the “topper” and the cupcakes they would do the traditional cake feeding with. She came up with the idea to do a little tux and dress bust on the cakes to imitate the bride and groom attire. They were surprisingly easy to make and they turned out cute for an alternative topper and top tier.


There was only one stand and then the rest of the cupcakes were on clear trays. The cupcakes on the stand were all decorated with a cute little flower to add in some color and break up the simplicity of them. Cupcakes are a really cute and fun alternative to the seriousness of a tiered wedding cake, keeping them simple reduces the overall cost of the cupcakes. They are a great option for anyone who wants something different and fun.

Sara & John’s Blue Magnolia Cake

This was my first cake with so many different elements going on the same cake. It was also the first cake i have ever delivered by myself (and was unfortunately rushing to get it put together on scene). That is what i get for having a little sister as an assistant that is only 15…. She isn’t very dependable.


I made the magnolias out of gum paste and used the ball tool to ruffle the edges. I wasn’t going for the exact look of a magnolia for the cake, but more of an artistic rendition of one. After cutting out a petal i would ruffle the edges, then i would place a small floral wire in the base of each so that they could be attached later on once they dried. I don’t have any fancy flower petal shaping methods; i had a deviled egg carrier and i simply turned it upside down and placed the petals on  there to dry so they stay curved and beautiful…. It’s not like that deviled egg carrier is getting any other use. After they were all dried and put together i painted them. I used denim blue luster dust for the edges, i got a bottle cap and put a tiny bit of vodka (however any strong clear alcohol would work) then added in my dust. This kept the whole process neat and it made the blue really look dark and gorgeous.


This was the flower before i painted the edges. Honestly, i loved them so much more when they were white. They were simple and beautiful. Here is a close up post-blue trimmings. I did another coat of blue the next day to get it to the right shade, it was unfortunate that my “denim blue” looked more sky blue even after using the painting method. I was determined and made it work.


The bride requested a little hunter or deer to be popping out of the cake on the bottom so that her husband could be a part of the cake too; he loves to go deer hunting, the fencing reflected from the brides hobby and love of horses, It was cute that is was so personal. So i sculpted a little gum paste head and arms and put a little blaze orange cap on him  like most deer hunters wear. He turned out pretty cute, and everyone really liked the added character to the cake.


The cake overall was a great learning experience. This was my first time doing fondant and gum paste flowers. The end result turned out well. Of course being my toughest critic i do see all the little imperfections and lots of details i would have loved to have added in. But on this cake journey to hopefully starting my own business there will always be imperfections, room for improvement and learning… lots and lots of learning.