first post in a long time… M&M cookie batter…. yummm

So i haven’t posted since the beginning of the summer. But for a very good reason… not because of work. But because I had a bad car accident. It damaged the tendons in my hand and middle and index fingers and I had to have surgery to repair them and the skin. I was avoiding someone and went off the road, lost traction, rolled my vehicle onto its drivers side, slid about 15 yards and flipped onto the roof before being stopped by two massive trees (and taking out a smaller one) and bouncing back down onto the drivers side of the vehicle. It is truly a miracle that I was not hurt any further and that God has healed me! It has been about 9 weeks since my surgery and I am finally able to use my hand completely again. I am almost done with physical therapy too, which means that I get to bake and post on here more often rather than doing hand exercises! I have a few baking projects coming up that i am excited about. I am going to be making a cookie “cake” for my sweet boyfriends birthday and I am also working on a couple of recipes to add to my personal collection. Of course i will share it with you all though 😉

The only thing that i have baked was some M&M’s cookies that are mine and my boyfriend’s favorite (to thank him for coming car shopping with me on a tight schedule). I only have a picture of the scrumptious batter to show you for now… I will share the recipe for these delicious little babies very soon!